Building on the Past. Optimism for the Future.

In reflection of the groundwork that Student Government began to lay last year, I knew that this year would have to exceed all expectations to continue meeting the growing needs of students. When asked by our President, Chris Dickerson, to serve as Student Body Treasurer, I began formulating ideas on how to do just that. As outlined in the Finance section of the Strategic Plan, I have every intention of doing so. 

Part of that successful foundation last year was the dramatic improvement of grant petitions. We doubled our previous year’s petitions to benefit sixty unique student organizations with awards totaling more than $38,000. This monumental accomplishment would not have been possible without the Finance Committee ensuring that every dollar that was spent was going to enhance the student experience, but, more importantly, it wouldn’t have happened without student organizations’ trust in SGA. I quickly realized that this year we would need to put even more into our grant petition budget if we wanted to continue meeting the needs of more and more student organizations each year.

I was recently informed that the Student Government Association would be receiving an additional $25,000 from senior leadership to meet the rising needs of the student body. I can assure you that all $25,000, in addition to our initial $50,000 budget, will be completely utilized to ensure that we are best serving the student body. We will not only be increasing the amount given through grant petitions, but will also increase funding in other areas of the SGA budget. These include #BruinVote16  programs, reviving Bruin Den Day, and other collaborative events throughout the year. 

I am very optimistic that SGA will accomplish all of its goals this year and I promise that every decision will be made with the student body in mind. If you have questions about the SGA budget, grant petitions, or any other area of concern, please feel free to contact me.


Colin M. Haslett

Student Body Treasurer