Our Catholic Community

Belmont strives to teach students the values of integrity, inquiry, collaboration, service and humility. As a Christian community, we believe we can accomplish great things through God’s grace and the act of service. Belmont focuses on the fact that we are not strangers but fellow citizens with God’s people and members of His household. Belmont’s belief in Christian Community and Commitment is so incredible because it teaches students that we are placed on this earth to serve others and to aim for goals far bigger than ourselves. Belmont seeks to incorporate Christian ways of thinking and serving self-sacrificially into all that we do.

I know I personally have grown in my faith here at Belmont with a group called BCC (Belmont Catholic Community). In this group we have a close-knit community where we have weekly meetings, bible studies, service projects, social gatherings and we attend mass together. The beautiful people I have met through BCC have become some of my closest friends and mentors in my faith. BCC is something unique to Belmont because it allows for those of a similar faith to come together but we seek to include those of other denominations as well. There are so many opportunities for students and staff to engage in spiritual development whether it is through convocations, chapel, clubs or attending local churches. Belmont’s Christian community provides students with the values and opportunities to engage, explore, take risks and truly transform the world.I truly hope that you are able to fully surround yourself in Belmont’s Christian community. If you have any questions about getting plugged in specifically to Belmont Catholic Community please feel free to reach out to me at kalin.hagedorn@pop.belmont.edu or check out BCC’s Facebook page.


Kalin Hagedorn