The Importance of Diversity

As I was choosing colleges, I only looked at three factors – a nursing program, distance from home, and cost. Given these factors, I came across Belmont, which had been my number one choice for all of my senior year because of the outstanding nursing program offered. After choosing Belmont, I realized that I barely knew anything about the school besides the beautiful campus and the nursing program. When my mom told me that she thought there would be a lack of diversity at the school, I was honestly pretty shocked. I went to high school in an area known as the “Brentwood Bubble,” stereotyped as a rich white community. Although this does not actually apply to all of Brentwood, this image is prevalent in many areas. Because I didn’t go to a very diverse high school, I appreciated even the smallest amount of diversity we had. I imagined Belmont to be even less diverse than I was used to. Even though I have never felt major cultural discrimination in my life and have always been very open about my culture, I still felt worried about going to a predominantly white institution.

During TT week there was a diversity talk, and the first thought that came up in my mind was: how in the world are they going to talk for two hours about diversity when it barely exists at a small school like this? After the first ten minutes, however, I realized I had been very close-minded about the term “diverse”. This is when I learned that diversity takes many forms. There are so many students coming from nearly every state and even different countries to form a community at Belmont that was a new diverse environment for me. Everyone has something unique to offer to our community, and it makes life on this campus interesting and exciting. Diversity does not have to be shown just by the color of one’s skin; it can be seen everywhere.


Megan Kim