Why You Should Study Abroad in College

College is an intense time of learning. Beyond just learning more about our major area of study, we also learn a lot more about ourselves and what we truly want out of life. There is a way to intensify that time of adventure and self-discovery, and that comes in the form of studying abroad. Putting yourself in a new environment where you don't know everyone already, where there might be a language barrier, and where you are far from the familiar is a scary thing. However, those fears seem to melt away when you get to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle against a midnight sky, or when you get to eat the best pizza you've ever had in Rome, or when you get to hike along seaside cliffs in Ireland and all you can see for miles are rolling hills of green grass and the wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean. On a study abroad trip, you will also encounter many people who will impact you more than you could have ever imagined. Living in a foreign country brings people together in unique ways, and it's my promise to you that you will meet lifelong friends through your experience in international education. There's something about taking a Spanish class in Spain, or working an internship in London, or taking an art class in Florence that makes you feel connected to history and excited about all the doors that may open to you. You gain a special cultural awareness, stronger adaptation abilities, and enhanced communication skills when you commit to all that study abroad has to offer, and those traits will serve you well as you look beyond college into the real world. The real world might seem scary from the comfort of Nashville, but I guarantee that after your experience abroad, the real world will start to feel a lot less big and mysterious and a whole lot more like an endless invitation to adventure.

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Zoey Bloom

Director, Campus Outreach and Events