Two Schools, One Field

On September 1, 2016, over 150 musicians took the field in Vanderbilt’s Memorial Stadium. It was the first football game of the season and the musicians in the Spirit of Gold were eager to show off their hard work. Every marcher would sing and play Vandy’s fight song, but not every student is from Vanderbilt. In fact, there’s a fast-growing group of “Belmodores” in the marching band. These are the people who attend Belmont, but are in Vanderbilt’s marching band. Vanderbilt allows anyone who is attending a Nashville college or university to participate in their marching band. This allows for great diversity in the band. No matter the school, all marchers have something in common; they love being on the field and putting on a great show.

Belmont students also have the opportunity to be in Vanderbilt’s chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, a music fraternity organization. You will also see “Belmodores” in Vanderbilt’s Pep Band and Dore Slam (Drumline organization). These organizations allow for interaction between the two campuses and Belmont students have an additional musical outlet to explore.

Marching band is an activity that takes a lot of time and dedication. It can be difficult spending long Saturdays marching and playing. All the hard work pays off though. It pays off when you meet so many talented musicians. It pays off when you get to perform a show you love. It pays off when you go to bed ad every muscle is sore because you put so much hard work in. So the next time you see the marching band, wave at your fellow Bruins. We may be wearing the Star V, but we know that it is always Bruin Time!


Sydney Branch