I think it is easy to forget how big of a blessing it is to attend Belmont University. Despite the many complaints students seem to express, there are so many things about this school that make each one of us love it enough to spend four years of our lives here. Whether it was your first visit to campus, a Towering Traditions experience, or simply Dr. Fisher waving to you as you pass by, we have all felt a connection here that makes Belmont feel like home.

Personally, I have been impacted by Belmont’s steadfast spirituality, secure career opportunities, encouraging Greek community, and more. It is a blessing that Belmont’s Greek life fosters an environment centered on service, leadership, and academics, rather than reputation or competition. It is a blessing to recognize the many opportunities set in place to facilitate success in the workplace upon graduation. And it is certainly a blessing to be surrounded by faculty and staff that are invested in the spiritual growth and development of students.

We seem to sometimes overlook the considerable emphasis placed on students at Belmont. Although you may disagree with some decisions or policies, remember that you are the one spending time and money to be here. Share your voice and opinions, get involved, and take advantage of the countless opportunities this school has to offer.

"We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count." 


Meredith Edwards