Together We Can. Jacob Sykes on His Campaign for Student Body President

Both Si and I have had the wonderful opportunity of serving in the finance committee over the past two years. During our tenure there we have gotten to hear the amazing work that student orgs are doing at Belmont and beyond. I also had the honor of serving this past year as the Chaplain of SGA.

We are interested in running for SGA because we believe in Belmont. Believing in Belmont doesn't merely mean accepting the good in the status quo, but in recognizing all that Belmont can become and is becoming. We feel that this position represents the highest honor that can be afforded a student--and that is the honor of representing our peers. In everything we do, big and small, we hope to be true to the wishes of the Student Body and to humbly represent them in service. This would be our greatest privilege.
We would like to first address parking. This includes but is not limited to reduction in unused guest spots and the creation of short term library parking for students running in to print a paper. In terms of classes, we want to continue moving forward on reforming BellCore. Additionally, GreekLife is filled with students who contribute so much to the Belmont identity and we want to contribute to solving the many issues pertinent to these amazing orgs. We will work together to build stronger interaction between Hope Council and SGA to harbor an inclusive community. We would like to see the Bruiser space next to Chick-fil-a be filled, as well as prolonged cafeteria breakfast hours.
Together we can.


Jacob Sykes