Why Am I Running? Shania Jones on Her Campaign for Student Body President

Why am I running? It's a little easier to first tell you why I'm not running. I'm not running for a nametag on my blazer. I'm not running for a key to a door in the Beaman. I'm not running to boost my résumé. I'm not running for more followers on Instagram. I'm running for one reason and one reason only. I'm running because I genuinely care about this University and every member of the Belmont community.

I’ve been at Belmont for almost 3 years and from the beginning I’ve been committed to being a voice for the student body. Every fall I’ve walked around the campus collecting signatures from my peers to be on the ballot for SGA. Each year you all have continued to give me the opportunity to represent you in student government. I have not taken that responsibility lightly. I have served on the Campus Outreach and Events Committee where I helped give students a voice through Coffee and Conversation. I then served on the University Initiatives Committee where I helped begin It’s On Us and Take Back the Night programming and compiled a report on how to reallocate unused campus space for the benefit of the students. Currently I serve on the Finance Committee where I am a part of a team that awards grant petition funding to organizations all across this campus. I’ve worked closely with campus security to ensure the safety of the Belmont community and I also wrote the recent reformation of Student Government that makes members more accountable. Macy has a similar path within SGA, serving on the Policy Review Committee, working with the School of Music on various proposals, and ultimately dedicating this past year to serving as the Student Body Vice President. All of this isn’t to repeat what could be found on our résumés- I’ve already told you that those have nothing to do with this campaign- but instead to share all of the hard work that we’ve been doing for the student body. Macy and I aren’t starting to care for the Belmont community just for this campaign, we’ve been doing it since our first day on this campus.

We want to build on this experience and our established relationships with administrators to create more communication between students, those who represent them, and those who make decisions for the campus. Transparency and accountability are key to this communication. If elected I know that my victory wouldn’t come without the support of students across the campus and I commit myself to being accessible to the student body throughout my term. I promise that I will communicate openly and often with the students and I also promise that I will give full attention to any issue that you want relayed to administration. SGA is the bridge between these two groups and I want to make sure that students are being heard and informed on all facets of campus life.

Every student has the right to have their voice heard. Macy and I want to strengthen the bonds between SGA and all of the organizations on campus. As representatives of the student body, SGA should be on the forefront of discussions of diversity and inclusion; Macy and I will spearhead those conversations while also collaborating with HOPE Council and its member organizations. We believe in advocating for the Greek men and women of this campus- ensuring that there are spaces that they can meet in, influencing policies and procedures that impact them, and contributing to the discussion on Greek expansion. There are countless student organizations, sports teams, academic departments, etc. that make Belmont what it is. We want to be the catalyst for a stronger community with and between the different entities at Belmont.

We aren’t running on promises we can’t keep and we don’t think it’s fair to campaign and not deliver what we ran on. However, there is one thing that we can say for certain; anyone can tell you what they might do, but Macy and I have the history to show you what we’ve already done and the passion to show you all that can be accomplished. I hope you see why I am running now and I hope that I can count on your support in this election.


Shania Jones