Why We Love Belmont

For about two months, SGA has been running a social media campaign called “Why We Love Belmont.” Luci Fernandez and I have been going around campus asking students, alumni, and staff to tell us what they love about Belmont. The answers have included the location in Nashville, the way that the administration allows students to express themselves, and the great friends people have made here. Working on this project has opened my eyes to amazing things about our school that I had always taken for granted, and it’s gotten me thinking about why I love Belmont.

To me, Belmont is special because every student here is passionate about something. We have ambitious goals for ourselves and we’re actively pursuing them through student organizations, internships, and service in the greater Nashville community. Belmont may be known for the School of Music and Curb College, but you can also find students working on everything from medical research to short films to law. It’s truly an inspirational environment to be a part of.

At the same time, community is a core part of what makes Belmont unique. You would think that putting a bunch of highly motivated students on a small campus would create rivalry and competition, but the students and faculty here are all working together to help each other achieve our goals. Whether I’m studying in the library or laying on the lawn on a sunny day, I always feel welcomed and inspired by the other students around me, and I think that’s an atmosphere that is very unique to our university.

As you’re gearing up for one last relaxing long weekend and looking ahead to finals week, take a minute to think about why you love Belmont, and then go do something to spread that love to the community!

Bronte Lebo