Transparency isn't achieved passively. Today, SGA is excited to announce the creation of it's independently controlled website, Here, students will be able to gain a clear picture of how their Student Government Association is serving them. It will soon host Congress applications, grant petitions, meeting minutes, and much more. is an indicator of how this year will look for SGA: a focus on communication and service to the Student Body.

In conjunction with the release of this website, SGA is launching a fresh vision campaign called "Lead. Connect. Serve." These are the pillars of our work this year: leading the Student Body into the future, connecting our peers with student organizations and resources, and committing to serve the Belmont community. fits squarely into this vision, and we hope students are as excited about it as we are.

SGA's Goals for 2015-16

For the 2015-16 school year, SGA's Cabinet and committee chairs have established a clear set of goals to be achieved by the end of the year. By compiling them into an open, easily accessible document, we hope to better inform the student body of what SGA is currently working on.

Introducing: The 2015-16 Strategic Plan!

The document contains a set of overarching goals for SGA as a whole, as well as three goals for each committee of Congress. These goals are complete with actionable items to help accomplish each one. This provides a simple means of accountability, allowing us to ask ourselves crucial questions:

  • "Are we doing [enter action here]?"
  • "How can we better achieve [enter goal here]?"
  • "Is what we're doing right now helping us achieve any of our goals?"

Furthermore, we hope that the student body will keep us held accountable as well. By publishing our goals, we want to increase student involvement and allow students to ask the same questions of us that we will be asking of ourselves. As a continuation of our efforts to simultaneously achieve transparency and progress, we will be establishing a newsletter and blog to document our actions. We are excited to start working toward each of these goals, created for the ultimate goal of better serving the students of Belmont University.