Kelby Bibler
Senior | Political Science Major with a Minor in Philosophy

Kelby has served in a variety of organizations and positions across Belmont's campus. As an upperclassmen Resident Assistant for the past two years, he has been responsible for leading over 125 students and coordinating programming and activities for the Belmont Commons complex. Kelby also works as a welcome desk associate in the Office of Admissions, so he is positively representing Belmont every single day to our campus visitors and prospective students. Similarly, as a Bruin Recruiter for the past two years, he has volunteered his time to assist incoming students in their transition to Belmont. Kelby also dedicates a considerable amount of his time to student organizations on campus. For example, he currently serves as the Vice President of Alpha Chi, Belmont's largest honor society, and the President of The Forum. Kelby founded the Forum himself as an organization that strives to promote campus civility through open and honest political, philosophical, and social conversations. He also formerly served as the President of Young Americans for Liberty, worked for The Vision, and was a member of the Ted x Belmont club. These experiences point to Kelby's commitment to professional development, academic endeavors, and personal involvement and growth at Belmont.

As a dedicated member of the Belmont community, I believe that Kelby deserves to be recognized for his accomplishments and continued commitment to this campus. He has worked tirelessly with multiple jobs and clubs since his freshman year, and his grades still remain high enough to have earned him a spot on the Dean's list every semester (overall 3.89 GPA). Through his involvement with multiple political science and philosophy organizations, he has worked to literally engage students in meaningful conversation and respectful debate, thus transforming their viewpoints of the world. He has had nothing but a positive impact on this campus, and his legacy will live on through the research he has completed, the clubs that he has founded and been a part of, and the residents that he has led.


Clayton Walker
Senior | Marketing Major

Clayton served as our President last year and as the New Member Coordinator the year before. He also serves as the Student Assistant for the Office of Admissions. Clayton lives and breathes Belmont. Clayton knew when he came to Belmont that he wanted to get involved with the Admissions office, and he has since considered seeking an opportunity to remain at Belmont upon his graduation this spring. Clayton has been in a leadership role in our organization since I became a member – he actually interviewed me when I was hired. Watching him serve and serving along him has been incredible. Clayton's heart is so genuine, and he has honestly been one of my favorite people to work for in all of the experiences I have had. Clayton communicates well, he considers every member in the decisions he makes, he stays humble and true to our mission at all times, and he leads gracefully in difficult situations that others have struggled in. Clayton is an incredible leader and he has worked wonders in our organization, and he has changed our organization for the better in ways that will stay long after Clayton has graduated.

You can find Clayton all over campus. Catch him with his brothers in the Zeta Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Tau, and when he's not with the boys he's wearing a Belmont name tag investing his time in anything he can get his hands on. Clayton is very involved with the Jack C. Massey College of Business, and he runs their social media, keeping current students involved and showing prospective members what they can expect here. Clayton works the home basketball games, you'll see him running out on the court during the half time events and entertainment throughout the games. Clayton has done his best to commit to anything he can on campus, and has served graciously in every opportunity he's come across. 


Tiffany Cokkinias
Senior | Music Business Major in the Honors Program

Tiffany has been the President and leader of Belmont Ambassadors for 2 years now. By her leadership, Ambassadors has grown to include more students than ever before, and has expanded the mission to go beyond just serving the Belmont community but to also be a welcoming, vibrant, and caring community for our own organization members. Through her work as an SLA for 2 years, an SLA mentor, and as a member of the Orientation Council, Tiffany has intentionally participated in cultivating the future of Belmont and ensuring that the Belmont Community is opening and welcoming. Through her various leadership positions she has welcomed and cared for freshmen, transfers, other student leaders, her peers, alumni, faculty, staff, and partners of the university.

Tiffany has consistently embodied the mission of Belmont. She has engaged those around her with her smile and passion for getting to know people. She has transformed the world around her with her leadership and unrelenting care for making people feel at home. She lives with purpose and goes about her time in college fully realizing that there are great needs in the world beyond Belmont and within our own Belmont community. A great example of Tiffany serving the Belmont community and engaging and transforming the world is our Socktober fundraiser. As Ambassadors collects socks for Nashville’s homeless, she not only donates on her own but gets her friends and family to also be passionate about the event. Tiffany loves the Belmont community and the world beyond it, and she fully believes that Belmont has a part to play in the transforming the world. She works to empower those around her to go out and be those world transformers that it needs.


Crystal Lemus
Senior | Neuroscience Major in the Honors Program

As a student leader, Crystal has served as the president and campus founder of both the Neuroscience Honor Society and Women in Science since her sophomore year. She also serves as the president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Pre-Health Honor Society and is a proud member of the Hispanic Student Association and Belmont Ambassador. Through her leadership, she has been able to create and lead the largest organization within the College of Sciences and Mathematics and has shaped the lives of many around her. Crystal serves as a mentor for students and she goes above and beyond what is expected of her to help others who may reach out or show any signs of needing assistance. Crystal is the type of person that goes above and beyond what is expected to help others and never expects in return. She is a light to all who surround her and she shapes the lives of many. She takes 'leadership through service' at heart and this cannot be stressed enough.


Christopher Castel
Junior | Music Business Major

Christopher has served Belmont Catholic Community since his freshman year. He has shown dedication and drive time and time again, going above and beyond to make our organization a welcoming, loving community for all who encounter it. Chris has never shied away from hard work, and has made things happen in our community that genuinely would not have occurred without him. He has organized dynamic, detailed events that have grown and strengthened our community, for which he has had to work long hours and suffer occasional setbacks. He always prevails, however, and never does anything half-way. He is reliable, consistently kind, unfailingly generous, and invaluable to us at BCC. Christopher has a clear, focused passion for his faith and for those in our community that comes through in his selfless work toward bettering our organization. His tireless efforts to make BCC the best it possibly can be are nothing short of inspiring. Chris's kindness and openness are invaluable. His welcoming spirit extends far beyond our organization, making students, faculty, and even visitors feel at home in Belmont Catholic Community. He continues to make connections and friendships that leave a lasting impact on us all.

Christopher's passion is such that it cannot be contained to one organization. For everything he does for Belmont Catholic Community, he works just as hard in every circle he finds himself in. From his work with Belmont through Sodexo Catering, to his leadership position in the musical fraternity Phi Mu Alpha, to his internship in the music business, Chris never fails to share the passion, faith, and goodness that he embodies. He is nothing short of spectacular.


Landon Wolford
Senior | Public Relations Major in the Honors Program

Landon is Belmont's #1 cheerleader. He is extremely passionate about bringing new students home to Belmont, as he has exemplified through his work as Bruin Recruiter, and then making them feel welcome as a Resident Assistant, Towering Traditions Orientation Leader and the Freshman Experience Coordinator for Honors. Landon doesn't shy away from a challenge. His first year as a Resident Assistant, he worked in Pembroke Hall, where he thrived in the smaller community and formed extremely close relationships with each of his residents. He also encouraged his residents to go to the volleyball games and cheered on the team with them, as well as encouraged them to participate in the tradition of First on the Floor. But his second year as a Resident Assistant, he moved to Tall Hall, hoping to grow and was excited to be a part of such something so new and important to the university. He is a critical member of their staff, and has helped start their signature programs and promote community in the new building.

Most of all, Landon is just a joy to be around. He is the most comforting and kind person I have ever met, and he does not know a stranger. He is constantly waving and talking to others on campus, and it brings him joy just to make others smile. He loves to love others, and will constantly offer prayers and random acts of kindness. Landon truly embodies what it means to be a student at Belmont University.


Jenna Drury
Senior | Business Management Major

Jenna has nothing but a servant's heart that she has used in and out of the Belmont community. Since her freshman year, not only has she exceeded expectations in our organization, but she has truly lived out our motto of being a Leading Woman. She has served as a Bruin Recruiter, a member on the Dean's Advisory Board, a part of the Towering Traditions leadership program (during the school year and on the summer staff), as well as lead on the Orientation Council her junior year. She is very involved in the dance program, has participated in Up Til' Dawn and has even made efforts to have Belmont Students join her on the annual service trip she takes to Nicaragua as an Amigo for Christ.

Jenna's time here at Belmont has made an impact far beyond what is expected of a typical Belmont student. Everything she has contributed has gone far long unrecognized. We believe as an organization that Jenna should not only be seen as a leader in the Eta Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, but also in Belmont University. Her daily life consists of putting others before herself and it's time that she is put into the spotlight for us as well as Belmont to thank her.


Grace Pritchard
Senior | Entrepreneurship and Management Major

Grace Pritchard has showed exceptional leadership skills in multiple positions during her time at Belmont University. From socially-based groups (SAPB President and Alpha Gamma Delta) to academic organizations (Business Student Advisory Board President and Omicron Delta Kappa Selection Chair), Grace has upheld the values of servant leadership and integrity unlike any other Belmont student. Grace was chosen as SAPB president and BSAB president at the beginning of her junior year, and has worked tirelessly to engage and represent the students at Belmont in every way imaginable. She is dedicated to the enrichment of student life, serving as a Rho Gamma during sorority recruitment, and as a TT leader after her freshman year. Grace was instrumental in bringing events like Block Party, Pumpkin Palooza, Throwback Prom, and Winter Ball to life, and she continues to inspire the people around her every day.

Grace loves Belmont and everything it stands for with her entire heart. She makes an effort to attend as many basketball games as possible, and even shed a tear when she realized that there were only a few home games left during her time here. You can't miss Grace passing out foam fingers at every tailgate, and she tells every freshman she meets to attend First on the Floor. She is always on campus, studying in the SAPB office or attending one of her dozens of meetings per week. Most importantly, I've never met anyone on Belmont's campus with more Belmont University apparel, cups, koozies, stickers, and spirit than Grace Pritchard.


Jones Kolbinsky
Senior | Music Business Major

Jones deserves this award because, while he never technically has a given leadership “position,” he always exemplifies the qualities of what it means to be a leader. While he was not technically on the Follies leadership team by being producer or director, he still is clearly looked up to by his peers. The only reason he doesn’t hold these positions is because he doesn’t apply or campaign for these positions. He lets others lead and he supports them with all he has, which is what makes him so unique and so great.

Jones is the ultimate representative for Belmont University. Not only does he eat, sleep, and breathe Belmont, but he practically IS Belmont. He is a student who came to Belmont knowing he had talents to share with the world, but, like most Belmont students, was unsure of how to share them. Through his time at Belmont, he came to know who he was and what he stood for. After two major changes, he ended up in the music business program where he found his niche. Because of the major changes, he had to stay an extra year at Belmont, and while most people will end up checking out or trying to fly through their extra semesters, Jones stayed very involved with everything that he does on campus. He is the most engaged person on campus that I know. In fact, I would be surprised if he didn’t have more than one nomination for homecoming court. His involvement extends beyond Fall Follies and music business. A renaissance man at his finest, Jones is involved in sports on campus like the men’s ultimate frisbee team, he put out an EP of beautiful music, he volunteers to perform in musical theater senior recitals, he acts at least twice a year in motion pictures student films, he works his butt off to make Follies great, he loves chamber singers, and he performs with comedy troupes around Nashville. There is no better representative than Jones Kolbinsky to be known as “Mr. Belmont.”


Claudia Lawhon
Senior | Music Business Major in the Honors Program

Claudia Lawhon has been gifted with a passion and talent for serving others. Her willingness to serve those around her is evident in her avid involvement on campus. Since the beginning of her journey at Belmont, Claudia has taken every opportunity to identify and meet the needs of students in every corner of campus. She has held leadership roles in Alpha Gamma Delta such as philanthropy assistant, VP Philanthropy, and VP Member Experience. She led a group of women through recruitment as a Rho Gamma, choosing to disaffiliate from our chapter in order to help 13 incredibly lucky women find their homes in Greek Life. Since her freshman year, Claudia has been in the Honors Program, now pursuing the Leadership Track. She has also served new students faithfully in her roles in Towering Traditions, dedicating her time as a TT Leader for three years and on Summer Staff for two summers. She has strived to not only reach students on Belmont’s campus, but also those beyond. By serving as a Belmont Ambassador, Claudia has impacted every person who has set foot on our campus, showing them what it means to be a student devoted to the ideals of the university. Through her leadership at Belmont, Claudia has shown what it means to love and serve others with a generous heart.

Through her various involvements at Belmont, Claudia has shown her passion for making others feel welcome, giving them a sense of belonging on this campus. As part of her time in the Towering Traditions Orientation Program, she created unforgettable experiences for students and parents as they joined the Belmont community, making them feel that Belmont could be another “home” for them. Claudia encapsulated this sense of welcome with everyone, including her sisters in Alpha Gamma Delta. No sister has ever felt out of place in Alpha Gam because of Claudia’s dedication to showing other sisters their value and worth in our chapter. Through her dedication to this University and its students, Claudia has embodied the mission of Belmont. She creates a community centered on love and compassion, where every person she meets is instantly considered a friend. Claudia strives to attain the highest academic achievements, while simultaneously empowering those around her to achieve their best in all things. In Alpha Gamma Delta, living with purpose and contributing to the world’s work are two facets we aspire to live by; Claudia exemplifies these ideals in everything she does. Whatever she chooses to do beyond her time at Belmont, we are confident that she will impact the world just as she has impacted the Belmont community.