Basic Information

What is SGA? What does SGA stand for?

The Student Government Association, more commonly known as SGA, is the governing organization for the students of Belmont University. We are the representatives of the student voice on our campus. We plan events for the campus, financially support our student organizations, and influence Belmont policy.

Who is in SGA?

Many of your peers are in Congress. Find their names, pictures and contact information here (LINK). Our executive board is made up of five members. Find their names, pictures and contact information here (LINK).

Is SGA diverse?

SGA is made up of students of all classifications and majors. Each year SGA becomes more diverse in terms of race, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. The more people know about joining SGA the more diverse it becomes.

What We Do

What has SGA done in the past that has impacted me?

SGA does many things, from hosting events to speaking with senior leadership to changing Belmont policy. Some popular events that SGA hosts or helps to host are the Blizzard on the Boulevard, #BruinVote16 activities and It’s On Us programming. We’re a central voice in planning and executing Homecoming. Besides these events, SGA has also influenced significant change to Belmont policy.

What activities does SGA put on throughout the year?

Coffee and Conversation, meetings, Blizzard on the Boulevard, Bruin Den Day, Occupation Christmas Child, as well as parternering with other events such as Homecoming and Take Back the Night.

What does the Student Body President do?

The Student Body President is the main voice of our students. They craft the agenda for SGA, head the Executive Cabinet, regularly meet with the University President and senior leadership, ETC.

Does SGA directly talk to President Fisher?

SGA does talk directly to Dr. Fisher. Our President meets with Dr. Fisher and other members of senior leadership (LINK) regularly as well as the Board of Trustees each semester. As other areas of comment or concern arise (from our suggestion box or Coffee and Conversations) various members of SGA will relay those messages to faculty, staff and administrators.

Getting Involved

In what ways can I voice my concerns?

We have numerous outlets for Belmont students to voice their concerns through SGA. If you’d like to speak with someone in person, you can visit the SGA office, in the Beaman, during office hours, which are available on our calendar. We also offer a Coffee and Conversation once a month, where students come and voice their opinions over a cup of coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. All of our Congress meetings are also open to the student body. They occur every other Monday, typically in the first floor of JAAC. If you can’t reach out to us in person, you can always email us or any Congress Member. You can also fill out the suggestion box on our site or contact us via social media.

Can I come to an SGA Congress meeting?

Yes! All Congress meetings are open to the student body. Here is a list of our meeting dates for the 2017 fall semester: Monday, August 28th* Monday, September 11th* Monday, September 18th Monday, September 25th* Monday, October 2nd Monday, October 9th* Monday, October 23rd Monday, October 30th Monday, November 6th* *All meetings are in JAAC 1034.