Is there a limit for SGA Grants?

  • There is no grant too big or too small for SGA to handle


How do I apply?


What does the process look like?

  • Submit, Propose, Receive


Do I have to present if my budget is under $300

  • No, budgets under $300 may be approved immediately


How long does the presentation have to be?

- A brief description of why you need the funds is all that is needed!


When do grant petition meetings start?

  • Typically grant petitions start at 5:00pm. Please visit grant petition page for more specific times, dates, and locations


If I need help creating a budget, who do I contact?

  • You may contact our Treasurer Jacob Hukill at


If I’m a new organization how do I apply for an on campus bank account?

  • Please visit Bruin Link on your MyBelmont and under the campus links tab you should find Student Org Agency Account Form


How long does it take to get money once granted?

  • Typically if all forms have been completed and turned in. Organizations may expect funds in 2-3 weeks.


May my organization apply more than once?

  • Absolutely, organizations may apply more than once


If I have any additional questions who may I contact?

  • You may contact our Treasurer Jacob Hukill at