Your student organization can apply for a grant petition by completing a short online application at the link below. Before you apply, make sure to read the Grant Petition Guidelines for more information regarding SGA funding for your student organization.

Important: Funding this year is prioritized towards campus involvement and interaction - impacting the greatest amount of students possible. There will be very limited funding for conferences/registration fees.

First Steps - Before the Committee Meeting:

  1. Apply Here. Applications for each Monday close the Friday before at 5pm.

  2. Fill out this itemized budget template and email it to the SGA treasurer at the address below. Please use this template, as it makes it easy to organize petitions for the committee to review.

  3. Complete this Advisor Letter before coming to the Finance Committee meeting. You can either hand the completed form to the SGA Treasurer at the committee meeting, or email it at the address below. Failure to get the completed Advisor Letter to the Treasurer within a week after your petition date will result in funding for the petition being withdrawn, no exceptions.

  4. You will be in contact with the SGA Treasurer by email throughout this process, and will be given information of what to expect leading up the committee meeting.

Next Steps - The Committee meeting and Beyond:

  1. Come to the Finance Committee meeting. The SGA Treasurer will assign and email you a specific time that you need to be at the committee meeting - you can either come yourself, or send a representative of your organization to the meeting. The meetings are between 5-6 pm on Mondays, in JAAC 1045.

  2. Present your petition. Don’t be nervous about the word “present”. All we ask is for five minutes of you telling us about your petition. We don’t need a backstory on your organization, or a powerpoint - in fact, we prefer you don’t have them. The meeting is casual, so don’t feel you need to dress up either.

  3. Answer some questions. The committee members may have a few questions about your petition. You don’t have to be worried - we are not here to interrogate you, we just want to know a bit more.

  4. You are done! The SGA Treasurer will email you any funding decisions decided by the committee. The Treasurer files requests for checks every Wednesday. If your petition is funded, it can take up to two weeks for requests to be processed in Belmont’s system. Once they have been processed, you will be notified that your check is ready!

  5. All receipts/invoices must be given to the SGA Treasurer after the funding is spent. If this proof of spending does not equal the total of the grant given by SGA at the end of the year, all remaining funds must be given back to SGA. Failure to do so will prevent future funding by SGA.

Austin Lanning
Student Body Treasurer