Broken Records, New Traditions

The results of the Fall 2015 Congressional Elections are in, and they are huge. We had 755 students vote for the 44 candidates running. That is more than twice what we have ever had in a single Congressional election, a 256% increase from last year's fall election, and even beats the number of students that voted for Homecoming court last semester. The hard work of the candidates running, along with our physical voting site and social media presence, made this one of the most successful SGA elections ever.

To the students, I have this to say: we hear you. My cabinet and I are excited to work alongside our brand new Congress to make the student experience at Belmont University the best it can be. I personally thank you for participating in our student democracy, and I hope that you will continue to engage with us as we strive towards achieving our goals over the coming months.

Continuing a year of firsts, instead of being sworn into office by the SGA president at the first Congress meeting, as has been done in the past, inauguration will take place September 21st at 10:00am in the Baskin Center's Appellate Courtroom, and the oath will be administered by Dean Gonzales of the College of Law. We are serious about being a great student government and leveraging our fresh start; I hope this ceremony will set that tone for the new Congress.

As always, I encourage anyone who has questions, concerns, or ideas for us to reach out to me via email, call, text, DM's on twitter, or whatever means. I would love to hear from you.


Jonathan Rankin


(615) 481-5725