Short Closing of the Lawn

It is my great honor to represent students in discussions with Senior Leadership. This includes bringing to light student concerns, but also listening and communicating with students what is presented to me. Annually, the lawn must be reseeded so the grass can remain full and healthy and it has come to that time of the year. You may have seen the first part of this process, laying the seed, this past week. This coming week, beginning Monday, the Lawn will close and will remain closed for 4 to 6 weeks. 

While I know that this area is very popular for frisbee, studying, and just hanging out, I also know that this is the best option to retain the beauty of the lawn. In the time that the Lawn will be closed, I hope that you will join me in the many other spaces available to students. The South Lawn will remain open, the space between the Baskin Center and Johnson Center is available, and the area that the former Wheeler building occupied is open to students.

If there are any questions or concerns- if there are ever any questions or concerns- please feel free to contact me, Cabinet or any of your Student Government Representatives.

Chris Dickerson