Conclusions and Visions for the Future

We've made it! It's the last day of regular classes and the semester is coming to an end. Several weeks ago I received the news that I would become the new President of the Student Government Association here at Belmont University. I was elated by this news, but I realize that this position is more than just a title and I'm ready to get down to work for my peers.

With that, know that you will see results from your SGA this coming year. We won't antagonize or attack, but we also won't be timid in taking on the issues that you, the students, want us to address. If you bring something to SGA, have faith that it will be looked into. To start these conversations we will need your help; visit our suggestion box or feel free to email and let us know what's on your mind. SGA has made great strides in the recent past, but we have more work to do and we want you to be included in making the best Belmont possible.

I'm pleased to say that the amendment to reshape SGA has failed a student body vote, and I'm hopeful that something that's truly representational will arise with the next Congress. I'm hopeful that we can take a long look at the consolidated student fee and make sure that student activities are receiving their fair share. I'm hopeful that we can get some resolution on the cap for academic credit hours. There are many things that I'm hopeful about, but one thing that I know is that SGA will get results for the student body this coming year.

If you'd like to join the Student Government Association, be aware that elections for all 40 seats will take place in the Fall. Check here, our social media, or email to get more information.

I wish you all luck with finals and want to express my extreme gratitude for putting me in such a position where I can serve you all!

Chris Dickerson


(870) 210-0158