Welcome to Belmont!

Welcome back to Belmont everyone! We've now come to the end of our first week of classes. With that comes a desire to sleep all weekend, but a need to instead do homework all weekend.

Aside from welcoming you all back to Belmont, I'm writing to encourage everyone to get plugged in to the Belmont experience this year. Of course, I would love to have everyone apply for SGA and we want people to join from all across campus. I met my best friend through us both joining SGA freshman year, so the experience can be much more than what you expect it to be. However, Student Government may not be your thing. Consider joining Greek Life or get involved with the HOPE Council or help plan events with SAPB. That's just a glimpse into what Belmont has to offer, so explore and get involved here on campus.

A few weeks ago I attended the inauguration of the Fisk University SGA President. In his speech, he said something that has stuck with me and definitely applies to Belmont as well. He said that we cannot simply rely on our history to make us great, but must be great and make history. I hope that we all remember that we can't lean on years past to continue the legacy of Belmont, but must make this place the best that it can be through our continued involvement and pursuit of a better Belmont.

Please refer to our website or email sga@belmont.edu if you need anything throughout the year, but overall, have a great year and welcome back!