We Define This Moment

At this point, we all know the events that have taken place on our campus and the more than appropriate response that the institution has taken. Hate speech is not and will not be tolerated at Belmont University.

Belmont is a loving community that strives to make sure that all students feel safe, supported, and, above all else, valued, because every student here is valuable. At a campus and in a world where students of color live subject to unnecessary hatred, it is my hope that Belmont can be a place of love. There have been many tears today as I, personally, and we, as a community, struggle with this reality, but I'm also saddened that this vulgarity has permeated the Nashville and national community. 

There is no place for hate speech and bigotry at Belmont University and I am extremely hurt that others were witness to this hate. Additionally, I want it to be clear that we will not let this fall to the wayside and that we, the students and those who represent them, will not stop discussing how to move forward from here. We decide how to define this moment and we will define it as a call to action that leads us toward a more inclusive environment.

As always, feel free to contact me at any time.

Chris Dickerson


(870) 210-0158