In The Same Boat

We've now come to the end of the first week of the Spring semester. For some, this is your second- maybe even your first- semester at Belmont. For others, your time at Belmont may be reaching its conclusion. I knew that I wanted to write something on this platform to mark the beginning of this time, this little bit of time before May and before there's a new person representing the student body in SGA, but I had no idea where to focus my thoughts.

I began by thinking about making a renewed case for SGA. Student Government received an additional $25,000 in its budget this year, a large part of which is for funding student organizations. SGA representatives are constantly meeting with stakeholders around this campus and hold office hours throughout the week to hear student concerns. However, I know that this message doesn't always break through.

I then thought about taking a more cynical approach to this message in an effort to motivate passion. I will be among the first to admit that there are issues on our campus. I think the University could be more proactive on topics of diversity and have a wider lens of what diversity means. I wish there were more Greek organizations on our campus that didn't have to be well beyond the size of a functional group. I have opinions on subjects ranging from parking to practice rooms, but I can't think of anyone that wants to read them all, so I'll spare those still reading.

What I finally decided upon was a message of solidarity. This whole college thing isn't always easy. You have the classes, extracurricular activities, possibly a job, and the myriad of other things that life throws your way. The last words of the University Alma Mater, the anthem of the University, are "with love and truth unite." We're all in the same boat. Some of us are a little closer to the end goal than others, but let's all make sure that we reach the end goal. 


Chris Dickerson