I Have One Voice. Together We Have Thousands.

About a week and a half ago I wrote one of these blog posts and a majority of people seemed to have liked what I had to say. I was encouraged by the outpouring of agreement, but it disappointed me to read that students didn't know the ways that they can use their voice. So, I felt the need to use this platform to tell you the myriad of ways to be heard.

I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the ways that you can talk to SGA. All Congress and Cabinet members have their contact information online, Cabinet members have open office hours, and you can use the online suggestion box to send your thoughts to us. We're also going to be moving to a system where SGA members are elected by College and will therefore be more accountable to you, the students. However, I know that you want to use your voice beyond this capacity alone.

Beginning in 2014 the Provost began another opportunity by having open office hours each week where students, faculty, and staff could stop in and discuss any aspect of campus life that they would like. I utilize these opportunities and I also encourage other students to utilize them. There are Dean's Advisory Councils, Residence Hall Councils, and several other groups that serve niched purposes. The Vision 2020 Team on Student Centeredness proposed that the University needs to enhance the way that students can use their voice. I would encourage you all to read the Team reports and approved recommendations on the Vision 2020 website.

All of this is to say that there are opportunities that exist for you to use your voice. You are a consumer of what the University is selling. It's one thing to share a post on social media, but it's completely different to voice your concerns to those who represent you or to the decision makers themselves. I'm one voice and, while I think that my voice is pretty loud, so much can be accomplished if we all come together to say what's on our minds.

Chris Dickerson