A Thank You For Today and Every Day!

For Homecoming Week this year, the University is doing themed days, offering unique events and opportunities specific to the day. I wasn't completely sure how this idea would play out, but it's been incredible to see the Homecoming spirit through the past several days. From the huge donation to Second Harvest Food Bank on Mission Monday, organizations wearing their shirts on T-Shirt Tuesday, and the involvement in all of the pop-up event for WOW Wednesday, it's already been an incredible week. As many of you know, today is Thank You Thursday, a time for reflection on what others have done for you. With that being said, I want to give my thanks.

None of this amazing experience we call Belmont would be what it is without the enormous hearts of the faculty and staff of the University. To that faculty member who exposes a student to information that they never knew existed or the staff member who smiles and waves as students walk past their desk each day, thank you. You are more valuable than you may even know. There are so many unsung heroes among this group, take the time to thank faculty and staff today.

I may disagree with this next group at times, but they are vital to the success of the University. Administrators are just like everyone else who works at Belmont; they're here because they care deeply about the students of this University. For people of their skill and passion, there are many jobs that are easier than what they do, but they devote all of who they are to making this place keep going.

Finally, I want to thank the student body. Everything I do, I do because I love this University and my peers so much. Each time I hear that someone enjoyed reading a post of mine or that an SGA event went well, I'm extremely appreciative. It may seem small, but the fact that another student took the time to be encouraging is refreshing. Even prior to being in this role, the spirit of this University shines through each and every student and I'm so grateful to be a Belmont Bruin.

Take the time to thank someone today, but also be thankful each and every day. Through it all, remember the many opportunities that we have had to get us to this point in time.

Thank you!

Chris Dickerson