I'm Tired of Being Tired

Do you ever get tired? I sure do.

Do you get tired of giving your input and not being heard? I do. I'm tired of knowing that 1,127 students responded to a survey two years ago asking for the credit hour limit to be lifted. Students wanted to take more than 16 hours in a given semester without the financial burden, but there was never an update on the topic. I'm tired of knowing that this same issue was asked about in 2002 and there still hasn't been any movement.

Do you get tired of saying that we need to put a cap on the growth of the student body yet we keep getting larger? I do. 7,000 students. 8,888 students. What's next?

Do you get tired of hearing that Greek chapters are too large but then hearing that we can't add another chapter on campus? I do. We recognize that groups over 200 people large are not functional, that's why we pride ourselves on 87% of our classes having 30 students or less. If it's part of the University's strategic plan to make overall growth manageable, why aren't we doing the same with our Greek chapters?

Do you get tired of not being able to find a parking spot where you need to on campus? Do you get tired of looking at MyBelmont and knowing that only pictures showing exaggerated images of racial diversity made it online? Do you get tired of walking into buildings and seeing bare walls and uncomfortable furniture? I do. 

I get tired of the lawn being closed every fall. I get tired of there not being enough practice rooms on campus. I get tired of not being able to put posters on bulletin boards because they simply don't exist. I'm worn out just from the number of times I hear someone else is no longer employed here.

I reiterate my last post though, I love Belmont. I bleed Belmont blue and red. I'm just tired of being tired.

Chris Dickerson