Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Congress!

After over a year of discussing possible changes to the way students were elected to the Student Government, we have successfully completed our first election where students ran to fill specific seats within the SGA. Instead of everyone in SGA representing everyone in the student body, members are accountable to specific constituencies- Colleges, Programs, and Degrees. I hope you join me at their inauguration this coming Monday, April 24th at 10:00am (for convocation credit)! Beyond this, I hope you use them as a resource throughout the next year!

At-Large Representatives
Colleen Ellis
Jordan Hein
Jennifer (Jenny) O'Brien
Sydney Stanton
Beth Kelly
Tito Ebiwonjumi
Su Kyi

Graduate Representatives
Markesha Cook
Benjamin (Ben) Riggs

Honors Representative
Steven Metrejean

College of Theology and Christian Ministry Representative
Bronte Lebo

College of Health Sciences and Nursing Representatives
Megan Kim
Anna Aguirre
Chanel Thomas

College of Sciences and Mathematics
Hope Howard
Luci Fernandez

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Ashanti Moore
Sydney Branch
Jacob Hukill

College of Business
Madison Kendrick
Jessica Blakley

College of Entertainment and Music Business
Mohansingh Udhwani Jr.
Wyeth Folmar
Sarah Buda
Devyn Duerig
Gavin Mummert

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Mia Delamar

Chris Dickerson