"I Celebrate Being Accepted Being Me!"


This morning we transitioned positions within Student Government and my term came to an end. It's been an incredible year and I can't wait to see all that Shania, Macy and the 2017-18 SGA accomplish. A while back I stumbled upon the work of a former SGA leader, G. Temp Sparkman. Temp was the first Student Body Vice President in the 1951-52 term and the Student Body President for the 1953-54 and 54-55 years. In a book he published in 2008, Temp reflected on his time at Belmont. An excerpt of this text is below-

"I had an uncommon sense of place at Belmont: walking among and smelling the campus magnolia trees, taking afternoon naps in the gazebo in the campus circle, walking with friends on a southern spring evening after vespers, tramping through the snow-laden campus from the dorm to Blanton Hall, overlooking the circle from my room in Heron Hall, smelling the gym locker room and crossing campus in a cold dusk after basketball practice.
I relished in being a student government leader and basketball player, dating in Acklen Hall, praying with my roommate, watching television in the common room, participating in group-cramming for exams, joining the buzz and unhealthy snacks in Dixie Den, setting tables in the dining hall with my adopted brothers and sisters and serving fellow students. Most of all, I celebrate being accepted being me!" -G. Temp Sparkman

New buildings pop up and old ones fall, faculty and staff come and go, the identity of the University changes over time, but some things stay the same. There's something unique about Belmont. Temp Sparkman noticed it when he was a student, I notice it all of the time, and I hope every student that matriculates after me will notice it as well. I, like Temp, feel a sense of place when I'm here; it just feels right being at Belmont. It felt right the first moment I stepped on to campus and I still feel at place as my time is coming to a close.

Lastly, as my predecessor would say, "I celebrate being accepted being me." This campus and position have allowed me to be authentically me- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I can never thank the student body enough for letting me serve them as Student Body President. It's been a wild ride, but I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything. So, with that, one last time, thank you!

Chris Dickerson