Voting has been closed for the 2019 senatorial election. congratulations to our new senators!

We asked each of the candidates why they want to serve on the Senate of the Student Government Association. Their responses are listed below.

Ansley Harmon
I am very passionate about representing Belmont well and the Senate within Student Government is one of the most effective ways to do so. By collaborating with the administration and my fellow peers on SGA, it would be my honor to serve students in this way by addressing their needs, making improvements, and collaborating with various student organizations. Student Government is a pivotal part of the Belmont community because they represent students' values and opinions on a weekly basis through leadership. I am dedicated, a hard worker, detail-oriented, and I believe whole-heartedly in the imperative missions of Student Government. I would love to serve on SGA in any way that I can and I would do so with the absolute best of my abilities!

Lexi Bramee
I would like to participate in SGA’s senate because I feel a calling to be a voice for the unheard. There is a lot of diversity of campus and I don’t believe every part of the melting pot are finding a place where they feel completely welcomed with their morals and opinions. I would like to create an inclusive campus environment with a diligent student body.

McKensey Malin
I want to be on Senate for SGA because I hear far too many complaints and grievances from students, and far too few of these issues are being resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner. I’m tired of the students on this campus feeling like they have no voice. If I’m elected to the Senate for SGA, I want to be a voice for the student population so that they finally feel like they are being listened to.

Aidan Riordan
Student government looks rad. I like making friends. Go Aidan!

Georgina Hardiman
I think in today’s day and age, change is important. Having a society moving forward is key and by joining a student government association, this is a way of keeping that progress here at Belmont University. I would hope to contribute to a unified campus that values a community that suits their needs as best it can. I was born in Great Britain and spent my childhood between there and Spain before moving to the United States. I believe this has provided me with an outside perspective and an approach to cultures and inclusivity that I prioritize when it comes to my values.
Since moving to the United States, I have found the government and approach to politics fascinating. I recently became an American citizen and couldn’t wait to jump on the bandwagon when it came to voting and joining the conversation of politics. This has caused me to really discover my beliefs and where I stand on matters that I wouldn’t usually have to think about. I believe this also applies to college students in the sense that we are still developing our views and picking our approaches to the political system. And the Belmont community is the perfect place to start!
It is so important to keep questioning and critically thinking when it comes to where you live, therefore I hope to encourage my fellow students to stop and think when it comes to what they want out of their four years at Belmont other than their degrees. I am a firm believer in equality and holding a focus on the commonalities of humans. With this attitude, I would approach the SGA with an open mind and goal to share my ideas, value others’ beliefs and compromise.

Tessa Loftis
I feel most fulfilled when I am serving others and building community, so running for Senate seems like the perfect way to use my talents. Belmont is a truly unique school full of incredible people, and I want to continue to foster growth, create leaders, and give back to the community that has already shaped me in so many ways. I am only a sophomore, but in the year and a half I have been here, I have experienced an incredible amount of growth. I believe that if I am on the Senate, I can help create an environment where even more students can feel safe to explore who they are and grow as a person in their 4 years here. I believe that the most important resource a college student can receive is a strong sense of community. Anyone can thrive when they feel loved and supported, but that can be hard to find in college, even at a small school like Belmont. I struggled with loneliness my first year here and I know this is a common issue within the Belmont community. I am running for Senate because I want to be in a position where I can help students find the resources they need to thrive, beginning with their first year here.

Madison Brooks
I want to be on Senate for Student Government Association because, as cheesy as it sounds, I want people to be heard. Students deserve to be heard; actually heard, not just have someone read their post in the community Facebook page. Belmont students want their university to reflect their personal values and opinions, and I believe there is a way to better incorporate these while keeping Belmont’s integrity. I am confident that if you elect me to be on Senate, I will represent Belmont University’s student body to the best of my ability. People deserve to be heard, and I promise to urge Belmont to take off their Air Pods and listen.

Jennifer O'Brien
I am applying to be a member of the 2019 Senate because it is my belief that SGA is capable of making real change on our campus, whether that be with things such as getting BruinPrint printers or giving a student organization a grant to fund their next philanthropy event. SGA has a great advantage on campus and I want to help to be apart of the group that acts on that advantage.

Ryan Opperman
As someone who has always been involved business, communication, and analytics, I know what it takes to solve problems and work well under pressure, especially when working with groups that having contrasting visions. I have led entrepreneurial ventures to success in the recent past, as well as been consistently commended for my work ethic and high moral character in pervious jobs.
Serving my immediate community (Belmont student body) is where I have thrived in the past through the aforementioned opportunities. For example, when I was working on one of my entrepreneurial ventures for a business competition, I observed the team I had and recognized that while we had members who could work on the marketing and analytical side of the project, we needed to pull in others who had the ability to create: those who had skills in technology and engineering so that the app we were developing could be the best it could. I personally drew in an important team member who had those skills. When combined with the talent we already had, we created a great final product and made the national semifinals for that specific venture. While I tell this story to demonstrate my analytical skills, I also want anyone who reads this to value the importance of people who can see what is missing and plug in the correct people in order to effectively problem solve, as well as the importance of communication within a group. I can be one of those people if put on the senate.

Emily Bryant
I am running for senate because I would to see the Student Government Association become more known across Belmont. If SGA becomes more relevant, there is more that we can do as an organization to see change on our campus. I only have two semesters left and I think that serving a community that has served me for the past three years would be a neat opportunity for me before I graduate.

Deanna Medina
I am interested in running for SGA Senate because I have noticed that the majority of Belmont’s Student Body is dissatisfied with many of the current policies. Rather than continuing to listen to my peers and professors complain for the next 3 years, I plan to make a change.
Primary issues I have noticed at Belmont are: the need for building renovations, extreme parking renovations, and a lack of community.
All of these issues need to be resolved in order to benefit the Belmont Student Body as a whole. I will continuously work on promoting legislation that supports more study spaces in our buildings, directional signs in the JAAC, and an update for the Lila D. Bunch Library. Our commuters struggle day in and day out on finding parking, and this affects being on time to classes. Large state schools have sensors in their parking garages and lights over parking spots that indicate whether or not they are filled. I believe Belmont is a growing University and needs to implement these same parking aids in order to better suit our growing number of commuters. During my time at Belmont, I have noticed that the community is built on tolerance, not acceptance. Students seem to be on extreme ends of the political spectrum, and this has created a large divide. Politics and sharing ideas are just two of my passions and I believe they go hand in hand. I want to promote more conversational based events that will bring students together in a fun and stress free environment. I believe this is just one method that will bring students of different political beliefs together, in order to move beyond tolerance. I hope to make connections with as many students as possible during these next 3 years, and pass legislation that suits our Student Body’s needs. Vote Medina for Senate. The change we need, the voice we deserve.

Shelby Martin
Being a part of the Senate for the SGA is the perfect opportunity for me to get my feet wet in managing/leading others. I believe when any university/company is making decisions they should make the decisions for the people they are serving (in this case being US! the students). Therefore, holding the position as a senator for Belmont’s SGA would mean I am speaking for all of us, which is something I am very passionate about. As being a current student, I am constantly surrounded by conversations of concerns and ideas for bettering the University and I would love to help others and bring these ideas and concerns to higher positions where they will be heard. As a senator, I would understand the value of students opinions and believe every student has in a say in bettering Belmont.

Madelyn Busch
I'd like to put this on my resume. I'm also a good listener. #maddiesunite #callingallmaddys

Yusuf Fakhruddin
I think maintaining a collegiate leadership role yields many important learning outcomes. The ability to serve a community, connect with fellow peers, and value empathy seem to all be either acquired or enhanced by having such position.

Something that’s important to me is that the environment I am in employs an atmosphere that enables me to feel attached to it. This is an issue that I feel like has not been the case for me starting my first semester at Belmont. I’m certain that I speak for many on this topic. It can be difficult and intimidating to establish a company that you feel bonded with. If elected into senate, I would be eager to serve my community by inaugurating solutions that manifests this notion of inclusion.

I think being a part of the senate would be an incredible way to meet more of my peers. Building connections improve so many areas in one’s life. Specifically, regarding school, I think that being able to simply associate with more people allows for more creative and well thought out solutions to issues. I think there are many valuable lessons you can take away from someone just from a simple conversation. Everyone has their own stories, and I think that taking a leadership role would be a beneficial way to making my own voice heard.

As a college student I have realized that many components of my day to day events tend to annoy me due to high levels of stress. Basically any small detail can become suddenly bothersome when you start the day with little sleep from studying. However, it’s always nice to be able to find others who share the same frustrations as you do. Empathy is an overlooked key. Being able to connect with people based off of your shared exasperations is always a good feeling. I think being a part of the senate would allow me to hear from voices that share the same vexations I have in college.

Miranda Nicholson
I believe that this would be a very cool experience for me to have here at Belmont. I would enjoy the opportunity to get involved in SGA and become a part of the senate.

Francesca Russoniello
I want to join an organization to try something new during my time at Belmont.

Stevie Giorno
I would like to be on SGA for many reasons. Firstly, I would like to have a larger voice in my school as the Belmont community is growing every year. As a Tennessee resident, I have observed this first hand. Secondly, I am a good listener and communicator. My experience with volunteer work has taught me to work well with differing viewpoints. Thirdly, my employment experience over the past two years has been working for political campaigns in every aspect from grassroots, social media, and campaign finance. I have had the pleasure of working with many people from both sides of the aisle and find that compromise is the only solution that will unify us as a strong Belmont community just as it applies in life. Belmont needs a strong SGA to bring awareness and unity in a school of strong diversity and all students at Belmont should have an equal voice. I want to be that person who can help you become a member of every aspect Belmont has to offer. Thank you and I look forward to serving and working with and for you.

Macey Alexander
I believe joining SGA will provide an experience to better benefit my time here at Belmont, but also strengthen personal skills. SGA would give me an opportunity to branch out and try new things, but also explore the art behind a healthy student government.